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Friday, April 03, 2020
Loving God, Loving People, Serving Both


Meeting the Needs of Families
Loving God. Loving People. Serving Both.


You and your family are important to God. Ministry to families is foundational to our church and its work. Families face tremendous challenges today. It is the desire of this church that families and marriages be strengthened with power through God’s Spirit, as Paul says in Ephesians 3:14-19.  


While we offer different opportunities for various age groups, our leaders work hard to make sure all the parts fit together to support the healthy development of your family.   



Take a look at what is offered on below. We believe you’ll find what you need for encouragement and help as you live in the world today. Use this information to learn what is available for you and also share this with others. 



Helping families through Sunday School/Bible Study/Small Groups for All Ages  

At Cowan First Baptist

Church, we offer a vision and plan for balanced spiritual development at each stage of life from birth to senior adults. We believe that a family that is together spiritually will be the strongest. We provide an approach to spiritual development that works through practical, interactive Bible study, presented in a way that is relevant and addresses today’s challenges. For more information, call the contact listed with each age-group.  



Preschool – Infants through Kindergarten; Contact:  Yvonne Landis, 224-2682  



Children – 1st through 6th grade; Contact:  Erik Cole, 315-9795  



Student – 7th grade through 12th grade; Contact:  Eric Bradford, 703-8505  




Adult - Contact:  Doyle Coulson, 308-2982  





Our Kids Ministries build families 


Vacation Bible School 


VBS is a premier annual event. It is a fun-filled spiritual adventure that provides both Bible study and real-life application for your children. Games, crafts, snacks, music, and worship are all a part of VBS week. 


Contact:  Erik Cole, 315-9795 




Team Kids 


This fun, high-energy ministry encourages kids to know Jesus Christ and grow in a relationship with Him. Every part of Cowan Navigators—Bible lessons, Scripture memory, life application, and recreation—all connect to teach life lessons to kids. 


Contact:  Erik Cole, 315-9795 




Youth Sports 


Playing sports should be fun for kids, and Upward helps make that happen. Upward emphasizes character and integrity, and kids learn about prayer and discipleship as well as the game. We are planning to participate in this ministry and desire your input. 


Contact:  Eric Bradford, 703-8505 




Music Ministry 


Our music ministries for include Adult Choir and Children’s Choir (3 years old through 6th grade), Handbell Choir, seasonal music, and musicals. The music is fresh, fun, and worshipful. 


Contact: Ann Glover, Adult Choir, 967-7506; Children’s Choir, Scarlett Cole, 308-7747 




Children’s Missions Groups 


Children’s mission groups provide children the opportunity to participate in mission projects both at home and around the world. 


Contact: Eric Bradford, 703-8505 




Children’s Church 


We offer Children’s Church for children including both basic and advanced Worship Services. We’re confident that these services provide an environment for our children to have a great time while learning more about Christ, praise and worship, and themselves.   


Contact: Susan Clements, 962-9834  



Our Youth Ministry meets a critical need for today’s families 


No age group is more challenging, and we are on mission to see youth know God, own their faith, and make Him known. The ministries below will help the teenagers in your family do just that. 


Contact:  Eric Bradford, 703-8505 


Camp Experiences  


Our youth are challenged to be part of what God is doing here and around the world.  We believe that as students get to know God more, they’ll want to make Him known.  






Our midweek events, Wednesday night, have all the elements to help teenagers connect with scripture and with each other.  Every week you will find energetic worship, meaningful experiences, and relevant teaching.   






Teenagers have unforgettable experiences of fun, adventure, and growth.  But that’s not all.  They will be challenged and stretched as individuals and will grow together as a group. 


Adult Ministries are at the core of help for families 


Mission Opportunities 


Hands-on missions and ministry opportunities combine with creative worship to make faith come alive. Through these mission opportunities we learn the power of making a difference. 


Contact: Dot Hart, 691-7250 




Wednesday Night Bible Study  


Our Pastor leads Wednesday Night Bible Study (June - August) which offers a variety of opportunities for you to connect with God and others, grow in your relationship with Him, and put your faith into practice.  


Contact: L Z Johnson, 636-8800 




Women’s Ministries 


Developed for women and devoted to women, this ministry is designed to help women of all ages connect with each other, grow in their relationship with God, and fulfill their ministry calling. 


Contact: Sylvia Coulson, 308-7669 




Men’s Ministries 


Our Men’s ministry is designed to help lead men into a more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, teach them to be the kinds of husbands and fathers God intended, and challenge them to walk with Him daily. 


Contact: Steve Cole, 967-6396; Steve Young, 308-8815 




Senior Adult Ministries 


Of all of our ministries, these folks have the most experience in having fun. And they don’t let it go to waste. Join us for a variety of activities at the church and on the road. Open to anyone 50 years young and above.  


Contact:  Ann Glover, 967-7506 




Family Day Ministries 


On the third Sunday of each month, we celebrate Family Day in the Sanctuary during Morning Worship; and celebrate Family Night on that evening beginning at 6:00pm.  Evening activities include fellowship, emphasis on our ministries, and Worship through music and the spoken Word. Contact:  L Z Johnson, 636-8800




Christian Family Magazines 


The world is battling for your attention and your devotion. This church offers magazines that give Biblical ideas for family living, authentic stories of real life situations, and encouragement for maintaining a Godly standard, and information to help with family decisions. These resources provide helps in keeping a family organized and balanced 24/7/365. 




Here’s a list of the magazines and devotionals this church offers.  


HomeLife—biblical ideas for family living 


ParentLife—godly advice and ideas for parents of children 12 and under 


Living with Teenagers—Christian articles and advice for parents of teens 


Mature Living—lifestyle magazine for adults 50+ 


Journey—a daily devotional for women


Stand Firm—a daily devotional for men 



Contact: Church Office, 967-7506 




Our church also offers a variety of other ministries for your needs, including: Christian Family Counseling, pre-marital and marriage counseling, and more. Please call the church office for information on any of these ministries, (967-7506). Or check our website for more information.  






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Twitter: @bc_first