Cowan First Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Loving God, Loving People, Serving Both
CFBC Active Deacons & Spouses

Chairman John & Pam Peck 607-5331  

Vice Chairman Steve & Kim Young 967-0964
Recording Secretary Doyle & Sylvia Coulson 967-7793
Sergeant at Arms Joe Ed & Trixie Williams 967-7196

Active Deacons
Bobby & Jan Clark 967-4774
Erik & Scarlett Cole 315-9795
Kenny & Linda Green 967-7614
Johnny & Kristie Hand 968-9696
Charles Hix 967-0399
Carter & Judy Smith 967-0551
Wayne & Sue Smith 636-3797
Larry & Jane Timbs 308-7064
Inactive Deacons
Ricky & Linda Barnes
Clyde & Teresa Bennett
Steve & Diana Cole
Gary & Ann Glover
Eddie Clark
Jason & Laura Curtis
Wayne Hart
Ted & Edie Holberg
Tony & Yvonne Landis
Bobby & Sandy Lee
Jerry & Irma Little
Allen Nunley
Bobby & Lisa Sales
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How can a Deacon help you?
Visiting you - in time of need, in the hospital, times of sorrow, sickness
Witnessing to unsaved family members - Deacon's chief concern
is everyone in your family knows Jesus Christ as Savior.
Rejoicing with you & your family - important events and accomplishments in your life
Being a friend - listens to your troubles or concerns
Giving support in times of crisis - by listening and giving support or helping you find a community agency that can help.
Answering questions about your faith, the church or denomination - Deacons will try and find out those answers for you.
Help you get to know other members and families of the church - encourage you to participate in social events, fellowship, and assigned groups throughout the church.
Help you find ways to serve in the church - deacons will look  for opportunities for you to use your talents, skills and abilities that God has given you.
Praying for you and with you - your deacon and the pastor, along with the others deacons, will be in prayer for you and members of your family.