Cowan First Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Loving God, Loving People, Serving Both
 What is Discipleship?
What is discipleship and what is Jesus calling us to in Matthew 28:18-20?
God does not ask us to seek converts. He simply asks us to Disciple. Discipleship is modeling and teaching Christians the precepts of the Bible—mainly prayer, doctrine, Christian living, and worship. Yes, we are still supposed to evangelize, but that is not our main mission and call! When we evangelize, we must realize that it is the role of the Holy Spirit to bring people into an intimate relationship with God. This is an act of divine intervention and grace.
A Disciple is one who grows in Christ and in so doing models and teaches Christians the precepts of the Bible, the main ones being: prayer, doctrine, relationship, Christian living, service, and worship.
We all are called to make disciples! There are only two kinds of people who cannot disciple-those are: one who is not a follower of Christ and/or one who disobeys God.

Our Response to Christ is our Discipleship in Action

The Cost of Discipleship

It costs everything! However, the rewards are limitless as we are entrusted to a Savior who loves us more deeply and rewards us more completely than we could ever comprehend. He desires the best for us, He has a plan and purpose for us in the kingdom of God, and He wants us to spend eternity with Him. His call, above all else for us as Christians, of what God’s will is all about, and of what we are to be doing in our personal lives and in our churches is… Discipleship! Nothing else is more important, period.


We Are To Have the Attitude of Christ!

Are you chasing your desires or our Lord?

God’s Enduring Word!

Is the power and love of God enduring in you? Is your Christian life showing results of it? The word “therefore” is referring to the results, conclusions, or applications that are to be in our lives from the reasons given.

Christ Brings Division!

We have to realize Christianity has a cost to it. The cost may be big, but we can take comfort that it is well worth the cost beyond our understanding.


Learning About Obedience

Obedience is the fuel that puts God’s will into action!

Learning about Satan’s Opposition

Have you ever thought that Satan does not want you to make good decisions?

What is Obedience?

Are you being Obedient? Obedience is submitting to what God requires of us.

The Practice of Obedience

How Obedient are you? Obedience is an aspect of our faith that comes from our submission, surrender and compliance to His will.

Obedience is Commitment

Obedience is also the willingness to cooperate with God and with others in their Godly directions and plans.

Obedience Must Permeate

Obedience must infuse everything; it is the capstone to our foundation of faith and life in Christ.


Obedience is Essential to Effectual Christian Growth!
Are you a Disciple? Are you being Obedient?  How Obedient are you? 
Being a true disciple means having a willingness to trust Him completely in all aspects of life from the highest highs to the lowest lows. It means we are not only willing to trust Him to provide for our salvation, but also for the future.
Please join us Sunday evenings at 6p.m. for Discipleship Training. Listen to LZ Johnson as he digs deeper into God's Word and teaches us all to become TRUE disciples of God.